Testings by Meyra and JASPEC

Testing by Meyra


Both of our brakes, the Classic model and the Top model, were tested in a test laboratory at the German wheelchair manufacturer MEYRA. The standard stipulates that wheelchair brakes must withstand 60,000 test cycles. The test of our Classic model brake was interrupted at 370,000 cycles, and the test of our Top model brake at 250,000 cycles. Finding after testing: Both brakes still perform their function after testing.

Testing by JASPEC


An independent Japanese test center tested the brake model Top. The durability of the brake lining, the safety of automatic braking on a slope and the safety of automatic braking when getting out of a wheelchair were tested. The endurance test of the brake lining lasted continuously for 87 hours and after the test was completed, the brake lining still performed its function. The safety of automatic braking on slopes and when getting out of the wheelchair was also confirmed by testing. The Japanese distributor performed this test as a DEZZIV brake test for use in patients with dementia.