Dezziv brakes on Panthera X

Panthera X wheelchair in Norway is for people who are stronger or have good enough skills. Because they don’t have security in the back. So, Dezziv brakes work very fine,  also in the city, on the stairs and slopes or ramps. Dezziv brakes work very well also for weaker people, to help them climb slopes easier. I bought these brakes because I wanted to try them and I’m a happy user of them now.  : ) Vaidas Norway

Vaidas Vaidulis

One year later

After a year of intensif use, they still work perfect. They don’t look brand new anymore but they work exactly the same as when I bought them. I used them a lot as normal brakes, on vacation the hill climb lock was very usefull and the lock for stairs (front locked) was used a few times only because i need two rails to get up a set of stairs, wich is not so common here. Overall a very happy customer.

Jitse Van Thillo

My experience

User customer Damjan

We have been using it for almost a month now and can’t find any other word than “EXCELLENT”. The climber offers me more independence in moving around the apartment (ramp), in getting out of it (ramp again), as well as in moving around the yard. Lots of words. I can summarize it with the already mentioned word EXCELLENT. I recommend. After the purchase of the mentioned climber and a conversation with Tjaša, an agreement was reached regarding the installation. Given the fact that I no longer had the strength in my hands due to the progression of the disease, I

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Heimo Linnemann

Satisfied customer from Germany testing his third Dezziv Brake&Go brake. He looks happy cool

Heimo Linnemann




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