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Dezziv solution

How it started?

The family company Dezziv from Šmartno ob Paki, Slovenia, Europe enters the domestic and foreign market with a special wheelchair brake, which performs more functions and enables  or facilitates disabled people to climb stairs, ramps and slopes completely independently.

It all started in 2014

The year 2014 was a turning point for the Stakne family in both the private and business fields. “Certain things you just can not change. Not even son’s accident, which chained him to a wheelchair. You simply have to live with it. Just like when you lose your job, when one door closes, you suddenly in front of you a lot of doors that can open. You just can’t lose hope, ” says Stakne. One of the biggest challenges was the 35 stairs that son Nejc had to overcome every day in a wheelchair to his room. Since no wheelchair supplier found a device to help the disabled person climb the slope and allow them to climb the stairs on their own, they developed an automatic two-way one-way wheelchair brake (slovenian: Dvostransko Enosmerno Zavoro Za Invalidski Voziček) – Dezziv.

For three years, we developed, tested, and improved, re-tested and improved the brakes. “We also put our brakes to other wheelchair users for testing until we were satisfied with the product. Only then did we start marketing the product, ” says the interlocutor, who has taken on the role of a moral leader in the development team with a lot of experience in the field of development, production and also sales. “All four children are also part of the team – Nejc, Rok, Žan and Tjaša. All with the same goal: to provide Nejc with maximum independence from the help of others, “says Stakne, who admits that Nejc certainly played the biggest role here with constant testing and a desire to improve. “Every day, completely independently, even several times, he climbs 35 steps to his room.” They have already received a Slovenian patent for the brakes. “Today, all this would be easier and simpler when we already know the procedure. In the case of patents, the whole thing should be left to experts in this field. Of course, it’s all about the money that usually runs out for such things. ”They have also filed an international PCT patent application. “Our patent is protected in 152 countries around the world, it has already been made public, and we also have a positive report from the international patent organization WIPO. The international patent will be granted to us in 2020, if there are no objections from the holders of similar patents. “

All invested in the future

During the development, they successfully cooperated with the URI Soča Institute from Ljubljana, with the Notwil Rehabilitation Institute from Switzerland, with the Croatian Association of the Disabled HSUTI Zagreb and with all associations of the disabled from Slovenia. The company is also included in the Business Incubator of the Savinjska region Celje and the Technology Park Ljubljana, where they are assisted by consultants and members. But despite the strong support, the heart of the company remains the family or its members, who emptied their bank accounts and invested money in the company or their future. “Son Nejc is not employed yet. Unfortunately, Nejc’s accident has been dragging on in the courts of our ‘legal’ state for four years, even though his only responsibility was that he did not refuse to work that day. “



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