We have been using it for almost a month now and can’t find any other word than “EXCELLENT”. The climber offers me more independence in moving around the apartment (ramp), in getting out of it (ramp again), as well as in moving around the yard. Lots of words. I can summarize it with the already mentioned word EXCELLENT. I recommend.

After the purchase of the mentioned climber and a conversation with Tjaša, an agreement was reached regarding the installation. Given the fact that I no longer had the strength in my hands due to the progression of the disease, I asked if their assembly was even possible. The answer was affirmative and agreed quickly. Time constraints appeared on my side, so both Jožef and Žan came to the Laško health resort. Despite limitations due to the Covid-19, they came by three times (3x) to adjust the manual mechanism. The handle! This way of selling is extremely rare. Hats off.